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We understand the responsibility of a recruiter extends beyond simply offering our candidates a point A to point B recruitment service. We believe that it is just as important to offer a clear and unfiltered image/understanding of the industry.


To assist our candidates and wider audience in better understanding the industry and it's many different facets, we call upon our broad and diverse industry network interviewing a wide range of Captains and current Crew members from different departments. Conducting podcasts and sharing them across our various social media platforms allowing us to offer a real time, unfiltered access to what it is really like working in the Super Yacht industry and tips and advice from current practitioners.

Our MD, Michael Jacobs hosts two podcasts; #CaptainCall and #CrewCall with a view to delivering this industry insight to our broader audience.

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#CrewCall Podcast | Episode #001

Guest: Martin Tongue | 2nd Officer 100m+ Superyacht 

In our first episode of #CrewCall we interview Martin Tongue who is a second officer onboard a 100m+ super yacht. Martin has been in the industry for 7 years and having worked his way up from the very bottom starting as a deckhand, he shares his industry insights, tips and advice to yacht crew starting out. We would like to give a massive thanks to Martin for participating and wish him all the very best in his what is already, a successful career in yachting!

#CrewCall Podcast | Episode #002

Guest: Elena Opera | Chief Stewardess/Purser 

In our second #CrewCall podcast we speak to Chief Stewardess/Purser, Elena Oprea. Elena has been in the yachting industry for 10 years and explains how she got started, what has been her biggest challenges so far and also, she shares some helpful tips and advice for Green crew and much more!

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