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// YACHTING 101 
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// 1
Understanding the Superyacht

// 2
How to create a yachting CV

// 3
How to find your first yacht job

// 4
Living onboard a Superyacht

// 5
Developing your Superyacht career

// 6
How to make the most of your time in yachting

Our e-book series have become the go to source of information for Green/Junior Crew looking to enter the Superyacht industry. Understanding that it is often hard to find all of the answers to your questions we have created the Yachting 101 e-book series that covers all you need to know (and more!) when starting out. This six part series is jam-packed full of useful tips, tricks, information and guidance to ensure you're fully prepared to tackle the industry head on and kickstart your career at sea with confidence. 

- We have placed 1000's of Yacht Crew on a variety of M/Y's & S/Y's (both private and charter) all over the world (we really know what yacht employers look for!)
- We have helped 1000's of Yacht crew develop their careers in all departments and ranks
- Our team have over 35 years practical experience working and living onboard superyachts 
- We're MCA/MLC certified, proud partners of the Professional Yachting Association and corporate members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation 

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I'm so glad I went through the whole e-book series before landing my first yacht job! Soo much valuable information that really prepared me for what was to come and useful tips on how to navigate the unforeseen challenges! Great work guys :)

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The money I spent on these ebooks was less than a couple of round of drinks (..after a hard day dockwalking in Antibes!). Definitely provided me with a ton of information and industry insight and.. no hangover! Money well spent! Thank you!

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An absolute necessity for any crew looking to enter the Super Yacht industry. Don't go to sea without reading through these e-books first. I used the information to get my first position and am still using them to help me adjust/progress. Highly recommend. 

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