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EUR Salary Guide

EUR & USD Salary Guides

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Download our free industry salary guides in both EUR and USD. 

USD Salary Guide

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Yachting 101 e-books
The 'Yachting 101' e-book series has become the go to source of information for Green & Junior Yacht Crew. This six part series is packed full of useful tips, key industry information, practical career advice - everything you need to know when starting out in yachting and much, much more.
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Crew Banking

We're proud to be official partners with the yachting industries most widely used and respected bank account, the Standard Banks Seafarer Account. The Seafarer Account has been designed exclusively for Yacht Crew and built to accommodate their international, multi-currency lifestyle. Our Crew Agents have been trained to assist with information regarding the account as an aftercare service for Yacht Crew old and new.


Seafarer Medicals

To work onboard a Superyacht you will first have to complete a ENG1 medical examination, carried out by a MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) approved doctor (AD). This medical examination is in accordance with the MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) code stating that every seafarer must have a valid medical certificate before they can work at sea. Click above to view approved doctors (AD's) both in the UK, and outside of the UK.


Understanding the superyacht industry (free e-book)

Our free e-book Understanding the Superyacht Industry is a must have for green/junior crew members looking to start a career in yachting. This 26 page e-book is packed with information and useful tips to help you fully understand the yachting industry, and its many facets, before you start your new  life at sea. 

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Employment contract guidance (MLC & SEA)

Once you land your first position on board a M/Y or S/Y (private and/or charter) you will need sign a SEA or employment agreement. This free PDF outlines what you should expect to see in your seafarers employment agreement and gives some valuable tips on what to look out for, prior to signing.

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