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M/Y Crew Agency are the global leader in professional Superyacht Recruitment, providing traditional and digital recruitment solutions to a wide variety of superyachts around the world. We're proud to be driving standards in the industry and as such, not only are we MCA/MLC certified and partners of the Professional Yachting Association (PYA), but we are also the only Recruitment & Placement Agency in the sector who are corporate members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). Maintaining this additional layer of regulation means that each of our Recruitment Consultants uphold the highest level of service whilst working towards a series of professional recruitment qualifications. This professional foundation combined with our very own cutting edge recruitment technology, extensive network and knowledge of the sector, allows us to remain at the forefront of superyacht recruitment and deliver unparalleled levels of service, giving our clients and candidates the hiring edge. Find out more here.
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Crew Finance 

Get more information on popular yachting multi-currency bank accounts, an overview on of shore banking, international payments & currency conversion.
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Salary Insight

Are you looking for more information on yacht crew salaries? Then check out a comprehensive overview of industry salaries in both EUR and USD.
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Crew retention has been one of the hottest topics of conversation industry-wide in recent years as employers introduce more attractive employment packages to stay competitive in the race to attract and retain the industries top talent.

Understanding the importance of hiring and retaining good crew, we have put together a short guide covering some of the key areas in which to focus when structuring an attractive employment package. Download for free by clicking here.
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This six part e-book series has become the Superyacht industries go-to source of information, tips and guidance for individuals looking to get started in yachting. Six in-depth e-books covering all you need to know when preparing for a life at sea. Click here to view all e-books in our 'Yachting 101' series
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